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Posted July 24,2012 | 12:00 AM

Mumbai, Tuesday July 24, 2012: Yomics launched with a bang at a fun event at YRF Studios today. Uday Chopra unveiled the Yomics line up of 4 Comic books:

Currently on Sale:

  • DHOOM 893-The adventures of Jai 'one cool cop' and Ali 'one cool rider' continue as they battle an unknown gang.
  • EK THA TIGER-Will RAW's best agent survive a deadly mission on the high seas


  • HUM TUM-The dynamic duo of Hum and Tum is back in a series of new adventures.
  • DAYA PROCHU-The little guy with a big attitude!

Speaking on the launch, Uday Chopra stated, "Comics have been a fascination of mine ever since I can remember and I want to bring this art and this form of entertainment back and use the lure of our movies to help excite and entice the first lot of consumers but that will only be the beginning. For once you enter this world, I intend to take you to new places and explore brand new characters and stories which I cannot do through any other medium except this one. So whether you be 10 or 80 there is no age that the fun needs to stop, there is no age to stop believing in the fantastic and the unimaginable, there is no age that should limit enjoyment of art of any kind . So for the sake of a 35,000 year old art, take this journey with me and help me bring the joy of comics back to you!"

So get ready to experience the JOY of picking up a comic book and reading it from cover to cover and enjoy the THRILL of getting lost in a world of images, color and imagination where there are no boundaries. Yomics offers you a lifelong BOND you can form with the characters you love and identify with the most and the FUN of sharing it with your friends and family.

Abhishek Bachchan was present at the launch to congratulate Uday on his latest endeavor and participated in the fun.

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