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Tum is a 'sweet' girl. But if confronted, she is not the one who will shy from giving the a piece of her mind. While she is often not a match for Hum's quick wit and incessant bugging, she thinks she is mature and grown up.

Tum has her own brand of attitude. She might be aloof, but she genuinely cares about people around her. She is sweet, thoughtful, generous and sometimes a bit reserved. She hates people trying to be friends with her just because she is from a rich family.


  • Likes dolls
  • Calorie conscious.
  • Loves Italian and Continental
  • Loves dogs and cats
  • Voracious reader
  • Loves television soaps
  • trained in singing
  • Loves chocolates
  • Cleanliness freak
  • Loves weepy romantic movies


  • Hates Junk food
  • Scared of Cockroaches and lizards
  • Hates action films
  • Hates WWE
  • Doesn't understand cricket or football
  • Hates the tearing sound of paper


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